Saturday, April 23, 2011

Your Body Is Like An Engine - Give It The Right Fuel To Burn Postpartum Belly Fat The Fastest

Postpartum belly fat is often left over on a mother’s body after she has given birth. This kind of fat can be very tough to reduce, but learn a few basics and you can get closer to regaining your pre-baby body quicker and easier.

Let’s put it in “car” terms, just for fun. Your car engine needs fuel everyone knows that. Your body need fuel too, and human bodies’ fuel is food. Both machines – your body and your car – work best and most efficiently when they get the best possible fuel.

What’s the best fuel for your car? High-quality, clean gasoline, containing as few pollutants as possible. If the gas has too many pollutants, your car will tell soon you that something is wrong. For example, when your car needs power the most, for example when it’s going up a hill, using poor fuel it will show symptoms like sputtering and backfiring. This is your car’s way of calling out for help. If it does not get the right “nutrients” that it needs pretty quickly, it will stop working completely.

What do you have to do in a case like this? Obviously, the best thing to do is purge the engine of the existing impurities, and give it the right fuel from that time on.

In the case of your body, the scenario is pretty similar. If you give it the wrong fuel, you’ll soon feel and see symptoms. Instead of sputtering and backfiring like a car, you’ll be tired and out of sorts. If the “fuel” you have been giving your body is high in fat, that postpartum belly fat is not going to budge. What’s the cure? The same as your car: delete the impurities in the fuel, and give your body the proper fuel from then on.

You can never go too far wrong when you make fresh fruits and vegetables a very large part of your diet. They give you lots of vitamins and minerals, plus fiber too. Some have antioxidants, which help in slowing down the aging process – a nice benefit. Also, fruits and veggies are self-limiting, so you can’t binge to an unhealthy extent on them too easily. Postpartum belly fat as well as visceral fat and abdominal fat will respond quickly to a diet rich in these foods.

What can a new mother do to shed the postpartum belly fat and build up lean muscle tissue as fast as possible? Change up your workouts. Do several different kinds of exercise every week. The first day, samba dance at home to some DVDs. The next day, jog around the high school track. Next time, play tennis or swim laps for a while. Very your exercise and make it fun, and you’ll have a much better time while gaining the most benefits from your workouts.

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